You're Just One Referral Away

From Never Cold Calling Again

Dear Entrepreneurs, Realtors, Financial Planners, Mortgage Lenders, Insurance Agents, and Network Marketers.

This is the Springboard you’ll need to stop chasing leads and build a referral-based practice.

If you would like to discover the true power of a referral-based practice, you are in the right place. I can help you spend more time with clients and less time with business development. Also, if you want to Increase Your Income in less time with less stress, then this is the course for you! The better you are at networking means that you can STOP Worrying About unqualified clients and earn more referrals. Spending More Time Servicing Clients means you are Making Money!!

I want to give you the short cut to building a referral-based practice.

My name is Rick Silva, and I have created the most complete system ever to help Entrepreneurs get the phone to ring more often with qualified referrals! The One Referral Away Essentials Course is where you will learn all of my best techniques and strategies. I have been teaching networking for 17+ years. I have trained thousands of Entrepreneurs. Using these same techniques have helped my wife to sell 600+ land parcels in 9 years resulting in millions of dollars in income.

It’s become a passion of mine to figure out how to build a referral-based practice. Asking for referrals or saying, “the greatest compliment you can give me is a referral to a friend or family member,”  is not even close to the most effective way to build your referral business. 

You are receiving 17 years of my life poured into this course.

I can show you how to become the go-to person in your industry. I want to help you build a business that allows you to work less and have a life, not just a career.

Back in the day you looked for business. Today, you are teaching others to send it to you.

Whether you are in Real Estate, Insurance, Law, Accounting, Dental, Network Marketing or are a small business owner, this course will easily show you how to make 1 to 5 additional sales per month. 

The old way of Networking is DEAD. 

This course is going to give you a NEW WAY to network and get more referrals now!

In fact, here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You’ll Receive in this course. (By the way, you’ll receive 12 modules of recorded webinars: approximately 6 hours of training!)

  • You will discover exactly how to network to get the most referrals --- which as you know --- are the easiest to close.
  • You will understand exactly how to network properly. Follow my step-by-step method and you will see faster results!
  • You will skip past the many mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST Entrepreneurs from success in building a referral practice.
  • The average business professional spends 20-30 hours per week looking for business. Let's make that time more fun and rewarding!
  • When you are not cold calling or chasing leads --- just think about how good you will feel about yourself!
  • When you start receiving many more calls from past and current clients with referrals --- your life will change forever.
  • Using my networking system --- you will become one of the best-known people in your industry in no time!

Remember, you’re just One Referral Away!

Get Started today! 2 - Payment Options

2 - Hours of one on one coaching with Rick is included only for the one time payment of $795!! If you choose the 3 payments then it will kick in after the 3rd payment.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1

    • Lesson - 1 Your Networking Pipeline and building the foundation for your success

    • Lesson - 2 Selling / Marketing / Networking

    • Lesson - 3 Elevator Speech and The Law of Attraction

    • Lesson - 4 Networking groups / The Power of 3 / The Law of Mutual Exchange

    • Lesson 5 - Networking Events / What to do / What to say

    • Lesson - 6 Staying Top of Mind / Unlimited Leads and Referrals / The Law of Increasing Returns

    • Lesson - 7 Testimonial Selling / How To Get Them / How To Use Them

    • Lesson 8 - Cold Calling / Getting Through / Turning Them Into Referrals

    • Lesson 9 - The Ant Farm / Teaching Others How To Refer Business To You

    • Lesson 10 - You Have The Referral. Now What? / The Law Of Abundance

    • Lesson 11 - Goal Setting / Time Management / Parkinson's Law

    • Lesson 12 - Your Networking Game Plan

Your Instructor

The One Referral Away Essentials Course

Rick Silva

Rick Silva is the Creator of the One Referral Away Referral Course. Rick helps Realtors, Mortgage Professionals, Insurance Agents, Financial Planners and Entrepreneurs earn more referrals without cold calling and chasing leads by building a referral based practice. Rick Silva is the Founder and President of B2B Gathering, Inc. one of the fastest-growing networking organizations in the world. He is one of the nation’s foremost experts on business networking and referral generation. He’s given numerous presentations to thousands of people—including speeches at Stanford University, and sharing the stage with Les Brown at the Millionaire Marketing Seminar. Having tracked more than 7,000 cold calls in his career, Rick can teach you how to completely eliminate the need for them in your business within 3-6 months. Rick's sales talents and coaching practice have helped clients and colleagues generate millions of dollars worth of business. Rick is one of the few that not only teaches networking, but lives it. 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. If he isn’t at a networking event, running a meeting or coaching a business professional on networking, he is helping his wife with her Real Estate Business. Prior to starting B2B Gathering Inc., Rick had the opportunity to hone his skills in leadership, interpersonal relations and team building with companies such as Eastman Kodak and Cisco Systems. He spends much of his day studying success and self-improvement principles from Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Mark Victor Hansen, Sean Cannell, Russell Brunson and many more.

Hear From My Clients

The One Referral Away Essentials Course

"Rick Silva's teachings blew my mind!"

Marcella S. Real Estate Agent / Land Banker

When I found and became passionate about land banking I knew I wanted to not only let others know about the opportunity, but make a career out of it. The problem – I hardly knew anybody! So I started networking, of course I didn’t know what I was doing I was just going through the motions of handing out my card and telling people what I did. Little did I know, that wasn’t networking. I knew I had to learn how to do it more effectively, eventually I was referred to Rick Silva and I immediately enrolled in his course and networking groups and he blew my mind with his teachings. Prior to that I had received some training through BNI and Referral Institute, and that was less than helpful, it was actually discouraging! Rick’s teachings have been MUCH MORE effective! My business has grown steadily over the past 10 years and now during COVID it is thriving because of the network I built through Rick’s teachings, I now make over $500K a year! Anyone who is looking to get business needs to learn how to network! Like they always say – “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”

"I’ve learned to become a bigger asset to colleagues."

Ryan T. Mortgage Lender

“The key to growing one’s business is to help others do the same. Rick Silva's networking model has taught me how to leverage my professional connections in ways that never seemed possible. I’ve learned to become a bigger asset to colleagues in all industries, not just those that I would directly do business with.”

"Rick Silva is the preeminent guru of networking.”

Fred S, Financial Advisor. Edward Jones

To say that Rick is the preeminent guru of networking is an understatement. I have been a member of Rick's B2B Gathering networking group for a year and was feeling anxious to better my networking skills. I did a one-on-one training with Rick and he completely changed the way I think about networking. His advice has enabled me to refocus and revamp how I network.

“Rick Silva is the expert in networking and referrals.”

Jen L, Attorney - Debt and Credit Strategies

Rick Silva is the expert in networking and referrals. Prior to meeting Rick, I thought my business was doing pretty well, but that it would just take time to build. Within a few months of meeting Rick and learning the techniques he teaches, my business really took off. Understanding the benefit of being a resource to my clients by having great referral partners to help them with all of their service and product needs has been a key factor in the growth of my firm. I highly recommend Rick's networking groups and programs to anyone looking to take a business to the next level.

Bonus material

Include additional content to your course curriculum to provide further value to your students.

  • Monthly Group Coaching

    Once a Month for 45 minutes, Rick will do a live training to answer all of your networking questions.

  • World class elevator speech training with personalized critique

    You will have access to Rick's Elevator speech training. After you create it you can email it to him. Rick will video record himself perfecting your elevator speech and he will post it on his youtube channel - One Referral Away!

  • Text Me Anytime

    You will have access to me via my personal cell phone. You can text me anytime you have a question regarding building your referral based practice.

Get Started today! 2 - Payment Options

2 - Hours of one on one coaching with Rick is included only for the one time payment of $795!! If you choose the 3 payments then it will kick in after the 3rd payment.


  • How does the one on one coaching work?

    If you paid in full "one payment" then you are eligible for the coaching at any time. I recommend going through numerous modules first. If you are doing the 3 payments then you are eligible at the 90 - day mark.